Power bands are the perfect way to stimulate weighted exercises from home for optimal muscle growth. Power bands are also beneficial in the gym for pull up assistance and more. 

Long Powerbands are the most versatile bands and work great for weight loss, HIIT, muscle building, stretching, and more. These bands engage full body during upper and lower body excercises.

Band Benefits:

Train arms, shoulders, back, core, and legs with heavy weight resistance from home.

Increase cardio training with hip resistance.

Assisted pull ups in the gym, add these to your weight squats, hip ups, and more.



These bands come in a set with 2 different resistance levels. Improves stability and increases strength.You will recieve two 41 inch - Heavy Weight resistance bands for home and gym use. 


Resistance weight ranges from 26 lbs. - 95 lbs.

Options :

26 lbs. recommended for women (medium)

55 lbs.recommended for women (heavy)

75 lbs. recommended for men (heavier)

95 lbs. recommended for men (very heavy)


Power Band

Resistance Level

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