This all inclusive e-book provides endless tools and resources to ensure each individual is able to gain success on social media.


With over 70+ tips, tricks, and alogrithm hacks this book ensures you thrive in this era. 


1. Niche

2. Target Audience 

3. Community & Engagement

4. Growth Strategies & Consistency

5. Content Creation Caption Creation Story Posts

6. Social Media Business = Linktree, Highlights, Swipe Up

7. Keeping up with the Algorithm 

8. IG Must Use Features

9. Why Instagram?

10. Purpose & Impact 

11. How to connect with brands

12. How to work with brands 

13. Collaborate 

14. Network

15.Media Kit - the what and how of building a perfect media kit

16. Brand Communications

17. Campaign Landing

18. Useful Apps for Influencers



& Much much more, 


Ebook Author, Alyssa Ryen, studied the effects of social media on business during her masters education and is thrilled to share the knowledge she gained to help others reach financial freedom and maxime their full potential.

More Than An Influencer

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