We demand so much from our bodies; from our work routine, to our physical routine, to our daily lifestyles we take from our bodies all day long. It is important to be sure we are also caring for the body the same way we take from it. 

Tightness in muscles can cause anxiety, restlessness, aches, pains, and can even cause injury. 

Did you know failure to strech can actually DELAY MUSCLE GROWTH.  

By following this guide of proper stretching techniques you will learn the best routines to:

1. full body stretches to wake up your muscles and body to start your day. 

2. stretch occasionally in the workplace.

3. proper stretches pre workout to get the most out of your physical routine.

4. proper stretches post workout to guarentee we cool down and recover effeciently.

5. evening stretches to detox your body from the day and to prepare your body for rest.


This guide includes countless stretches and flows as well as teaching ques to ensure each movement if performed properly. 

Stretch Guide