Join our team of empowered women as we redefine our confidence and prioritize our health !

Our virtual training provides quality relationships and interactions, we not only train mind & body we do so alongside like minded women as we encourage and support each other with our indiviudal goals.



SlimThickFit is an all inclusive womens wellness brand that focuses on health, fitness, wellness, and self care. 



  • M.W. TR. 7am CST / 8am EST.
  • Tuesday 7pm CST / 8pm EST.  - Team Stretch 
  • Saturday 9am CST. / 10am EST.
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • Nutrition Checks



  • Meal Plan +  Nutrition Coaching
  • Smoothie & Juice Guide
  • Video Library - Past Workouts & Discussions.
  • Off Day HD Follow Along Workouts.


Womens Support:

  • 4-5 Times / Week we have guest hosts lead our FB Live or Clubhouse chat as we discuss women topics, mom topics, seek advice, support, and just simply girl chat over a glass of wine or smoothie. 


*** A timeslot must be selected below, though your session time is flexible, you can tune into any of the 3 options on any given day. The classes do max out at 15 so please try to select the timeframe that best fits your schedule. 


All Sales Are Final; No Returns or Refunds**

Virtual Group Training

  • All Sales Are Final; No Returns or Refunds