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Weight Loss & Different Body Types

1..Is there an easy way to understand calories?

Calories are a way to measure the amount of energy we will receive from our food. In order to lose weight it is beneficial to balance the amount of calories (energy) we take in with the amount of energy we burn.

2..What if I eat less food and still don’t lose weight?

Eating less is not the answer to weight loss, eating clean is the answer to weight loss. When we begin to drastically decrease our food intake below our BMR our body will resort to survival mode, holding onto the fat and energy it currently currently has to sustain life longer. When you are eating clean natural foods you do not have to watch calories or count macros you will be able to listen to your body as it communicates thirst, hunger, and fullness. Eating healthier food choices, while listening to our bodies needs, and exercising regularly will play a much stronger role in your overall weight loss.

3.What are the three body types? (soma types)

Somatypes are the physical differences in body type and how each one stores fat. Ectomorphs are long and lean with little body fat therefor it is more difficult for them to gain weight. Endomorphs have more body fat, lots of muscle, and gain weight easily. Mesomorphs are athletic builds, naturally more tone and muscular. These body types are genetic and are inherited from parents, so one does not control which somatype their body is. It is important to know your soma-type when setting personal physical goals. This is why it is important to set your goals based on things you can control such as nutrition, flexibility, strength, etc. and not a specific image which very well may be out of your control.

4.How does BMR fit into my exercise and diet control program?

BMR is the basal metabolic rate, the amount of energy a person burns through their normal daily activity. Knowing your BMR + calorie expenditure during a given workout allows you to know how many calories you've burned that day and what your intake deficit will need to be to encourage weight loss.