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Finding & Maintaining Motivation

One of the hardest parts about staying active and constantly making healthy decisions is find the motivation when we simply do not want to. This post will take us through 5 essential tools for maintaining nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle and not just "when we feel like it."

1. Find your why? You have to have a mental fuel and encourage to chose strawberries over strawberry ice cream. A constant conscience on your shoulder reminding you why you prefer to be healthy, why you prefer to be active, and why you body deserves to be healthy. For me it is simple, I am overly aware of how much my body does for me, even when i am sleeping my body is still working FOR ME ! For me to WAKE UP tomorrow, for me to have energy for tomorrow, spending its nights repairing the conditions i put it through today so that i can be stronger tomorrow. Then it is rather simple, if my body can do all that for me that i can ensure that i am properly taking care of it and supporting it to do so.

For some their why may be their children, wanting to be active in your kids lives and sporting events.

For others is may be getting off of blood pressure medicine etc.

Whatever it is you need a why, and if you dont have on you need to take time to find one !

Dm it to me on insta @go_ _ ryy once you know your why, your reason that will trump any and every excuse on a daily basis.

2. Make it apart of your routine, NO MATTER WHAT! No matter how tired you are, how sore you are, how scared or insecure you may be.. GET UP AND DO IT ! For two weeks lock in and focus, put it on your schedule 5 days a week and do not allow your self to make an excuse. This has to become a requirement in your life just as work and social time. Incorporate it into yours schedule, into your days, into your must do's and must haves for two weeks make no excuses just do it. After this two weeks it will be apart of our schedule, apart of our days, and apart of our days. We will know it can be done, we will feel the benefits associated with the active lifestyle and we will transition into maintenance. People do not always need motivation they need pattern, they need routine, and once you are there once you have meal prepped or arrived at a gym the fuel the fire and the motivation will come.

3. Find your support, Find those in your life, friends, family, AT WORK that are also wanting to eat and find their personal health and begin to eat lunch with them. Share meal prep ideas, check in, hold each other accountable, if you notice there is a coworker always putting candy on your desk while they know you are making health improvements communicate with them that it actually holds you back. FIND A FAMILY, join our SlimThickFit family community which includes group support and open forum for SUPPORT, success stories, favorite recipes, questions, from health professionals as well as those on a similar path. Surround yourself with those as committed to their goals, health, fitness, and future as you are. The saying goes "show me your friends and i will show you your future !"

4. Plan for success; "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail" Make sure you have your fitness program and meal list prepared each Sunday. Do not make it additional stress each day of the week, make it as easy as possible. Make it as enjoyable as possible.

5. DO NOT GIVE UP ! if you have a cheat snack dont let that effect your whole day, get back on it IMMEDIATELY, if you have a bad day dont let that effect your entire week, cut yourself a break accept the cheat and use it to fuel your motivation for the day.