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Blessed in the Chaos

Y'all ive been going going going traveling so much. All the while ive been taking in the countless blessings and beautiful miracles God has blossomed along the way.

As I watch my dream flourish in Gods name I can't help but pray and hope that I am carrying it out in his image. The first month of 2019 has blessed me beyond compare. As I booted up for a career change in the New Year it would have been easy to find this transition stressful. Though instead God granted me peace and serenity. He wrapped me in comfort knowing that he has already handled the fate of my future. As I watched him work in this New Year creating opportunities and partnerships I stood in awe.

The desire of my heart is to educate those on self care routines; not just physical or even just nutritional. But skin health and care, hair health and care, mental health and care. To inspire generations to get back to worrying and focusing on themselves instead of those around them. To rediscover their worth and value internally and forget the external pressures of the world.

I have traveled to Los Angeles twice in three weeks as well as Florida twice in 4 weeks. I have had the privilege of taking my son to Florida each time as well as personal trips to LA. This schedule is quite different then my "norm" especially as a single mama with a toddler.

Life has gotten a bit chaotic in 2019 and im learning to just roll with the punches as I watch Gods plan unfold. I can't help but be excited by the chaos as I realize soon I will know no different.

On January 24-25th I traveled to Los Angeles for a Blog Her Health Conference

On January 26th I traveled home to celebrate my mothers birthday

On January 27th I raced from church, my sons birthday celebration, to meal prep instructional sessions, to training sessions. All the while planning my transition to leave for Florida.

On January 27th at 9 pm- we set out for Florida, where we will stay and vacation for the week in light of my sweet baby boys third birthday (he deserved a get away and some sweet Bray time)

January 29- My angel baby turned 3 and we partied the way a 3 year old should all day.

As those chaotic days continued to fly in one after another I found joy, could this be my new normal? Is it possible God has called me to accomplish this much and reach this many lives in the timeframe of a Meer 24 hours?

Can I duplicate this day in and day out and make this my new normal.

The thought of this new lifestyle had not frightened me the way it once had. Perhaps previously it was the fear of the unknown, now I got a warm up round and a glimpse of what accomplishing my goals will feel like. And it wasn't scary at all, perhaps the only scary aspect was how normal it all felt.

I have been called to do greater, and for years I let me fear slow down Gods plan. I prayed for strength, I prayed for faith in his plan, and for confidence in myself. Day by day moment by moment God worked on my heart, he worked on my mind, and he worked on my personal relationship with him.

My personal relationship with Christ and the body (the church) became my focus and the true desire of my heart. All the while I was focusing on growing myself internally and my faith he was setting my future. My foundation in him allowed me to enter the unknown with certainty, with grace, and confidence. It allowed me to embrace the in between (broke) moments with understanding and trust.

Today I want to encourage you, each of you with a dream with a goal with a purpose and a mission to chase it.. to pursue it.. to stop letting your fear hinder you.. and start letting your faith guide you.

That dream and desire was not placed on your heart by mistake.. its your purpose.. its your way to save the world, to save a life, and to make a difference. If you continue to let your fear stop you from fulfilling your destiny then the enemy wins..

YOUR DESTINY is yours, I dont care how many people are "already doing it"

YOUR HEART is yours, no one can duplicate it.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES are yours, no one can fulfill them for you.

If there comes a time where your heart hinders you, discourages you, or leads you astray remember this..

There is one person, one life, one child, one family, one team WHO NEEDS YOU.

You may not see if yet but if you continue to fight for your purpose YOU WILL CHANGE SOMEONES LIFE. You will help someone you haven't even met yet, you will shine a light so bright it changes the entire course of ones plans. Your dedication and persistence will inspire a nation and that nation will change the world.

Your purpose, your plan, your destiny, matters. Dont give up now babes the world is counting on you <3